MR Plywoods

MR stands for ‘Moisture Resistant’ plywood. It?s also known as Commercial plywood and is the most commonly used material for making home and office furniture. It?s an Interior grade and meant for making furniture that will be used indoors.

  • Water can damage MR grade plywood
  • Can bend or sag when longer pieces are used.
  • Difficult to judge the quality of a plywood sheet.
  • Plywood usually needs additional enhancements.
  • The edges also need to be covered with suitable pieces of wood.
  • Costlier compared to block boards, or particle boards.
  • The adhesives used may be ecologically damaging.
  • Not considered as strong as solid wood.

People often think Moisture Resistant means waterproof. However this is not the case. Note that MR (Moisture resistant) is of a lesser quality and cost compared to BWR grade. While it true that MR plywood can resist a certain degree of moisture and humidity, it certainly cannot be called waterproof.MR is interior grade plywood useful for making indoor furniture.